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Security & Control

Stay in complete control of your assets

Unlike the $1.4bn of crypto assets compromised from centralised exchanges since 2014, the funds traded on CRYPVIX are secured by heavily audited smart-contracts.

Withdrawal Certainty

Stay ahead of the curve with reliable withdrawals

you can always be certain of when your withdrawals will be ready to transfer and can factor this into your trading strategies.

Earn Interest

Earn daily compounding interest on your crypto and EUR, GBP and USD

We aim to have the most effective and efficient bank so that you have the best experience all in one place.


Encryption System

Our systems are scalable and can process any account size you require without transaction delays.

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Earn upto 50% Profit Every 5 Days, unlimited successful withdrawals.

Professional connectivity

professional traders can take advantage of the fastest trading speeds through institutional-grade connectivity and co-location services with direct access to our digital asset gateway.

The Safest Way to Earn

The CRYPVIX platform is equipped with a top-quality security infrastructure designed to protect your assets at all times.


Create professional template with the goo pro tools that anyone can master.


Let’s work build something great together.

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Earn upto 40% Profit Every 30 days unlimited mining blocks.

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3 Ways you can Earn From CRYPVIX
Safe and Secure investment



As miners, we are processing and verifying the transactions of the cryptocurrency ecosystems and keeping their public transaction history (=blockchains) maintained and secure. For this, the mining community is rewarded with the networks’ transaction fees and newly created coins. It’s a win-win situation! When you start mining with us, you are getting your share of this reward.

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Ahead Blockchain technology enhances currently available data to use it for a more favorable future. Different pairs open up many opportunities to jump in and perform mathematically calculated trade with verified strategies and techniques by AI bots. Range and Leveraged trading is coininvestup specialty. coin Invest Up is in certainty, a unique opportunity for investors to tilt earning potential.

Join a 100 Billion Dollar Crypto Bank industry

Efficiency is what drives the margins in cryptocurrency transaction processing. Mining and Staking is the fuel of the 100 Billion dollar cryptocurrency industry, Without Miners cryptocurrency transactions cannot be processed, Mining machines, help process cryptocurrency transactions and earn a fee from it for the owners of the machines, the higher the number of machines and investment, the larger the income

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Get to know a new idea of money.

Today, bitcoin is the most secure computer network on the planet and it’s practically impossible to break it! The reason for that is hash power, the umbrella term used for the computing power that miners provide to the bitcoin network and similar cryptocurrency networks. Due to the rapid growth of the ecosystem, mining operations today are mostly running with specialized high-performance computers that function most efficiently set up in large data centers.

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The big vision of cryptocurrency.

The future will be decentralized.

To keep the integrity (and values!) of all cryptocurrency ecosystems intact, miners keep the networks safe and its authority decentralized by keeping each other constantly in check. This allows both a healthy growth and a fair distribution of currency units to all crypto-citizens!

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